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3 responses to “Hey Hey

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Are carrots and fennel the only 2 ingredients in that? I like carrots. A couple weeks ago I joined the Seed Savers Exchange, and with my membership card I got a package of St. Valery/ James Scarlet carrot seeds. Have you ever grown that type? I have been thinking of trying to grow carrots, and now I have some seeds to try. According to the package this variety predates 1885 by ‘a long time’ and can reach 12 inches long. It’ll be interesting to finally try growing a carrot. Any tips on growing carrots?

  2. Revel

    Yes! It’s all carrots and fennel, substantively. There’s also just a little extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper for good measure.

    I have not grown that type of carrot but I do still have some carrots in a container that I haven’t yet yanked up. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. Hope against hope, maybe, that something will be on the other end when I do finally pull them up for air.

    I haven’t had a ton of luck with carrots in the past (thus letting them go as long as my patience can withstand). I’m hoping for better results with a container since the problems I’ve had in the past with carrots have had to do with how hard and clay-based our soil is around here. The carrots inevitably end up largely misshapen if they’re able to grow at all. My theory is that their energy goes into pushing against the clay-based soil and they therefore don’t have any left for just growing. This is why I opted for the more carefully controlled conditions of a container for my carrots this year. In addition to the soil challenges, I found that carrots were magnets for whatever critters came around at night. Often I’d just get a little carrot top coming out of the soil only to have it swiped by some night criminal. It was especially heart wrenching because they’d leave a hole so you could see just how much they got.

    I will report back when I grab the carrots from my container. (You may remember that the carrots were really healthy early on — I took a pic of them labeled “too phat to thin?” — but then I thought I lost them with the heatwave we had in July/August, only to find them rejuvenated again later in the season. They’ve been an adventure, to say the least).

    Keep us posted on your experience with the Seed Saver Exchange. Is this the one that’s mentioned on the podcast with Queen & Johnny (self-sufficient homestead)?

  3. Ralph ⋅

    I heard Seed Savers Exchange mentioned on as well as on and elsewhere. Apparently they have seed exchanges between members with thousands of types of seeds which I have to look into. I’ll forward you an email I got about it. Hopefully they also have some bamboo seeds or cuttings. I haven’t really explored their website yet.

    You are right about carrots and hard soil. I remember a podcast where it mentioned growing the shorter variety carrots for that reason. I have clay soil and lots of rocks in my yard too. Unless I can clear out a square of the yard and really condition the soil, the container route seems the way to go. I probably wouldn’t have thought about critters if you hadn’t mentioned it, my main problem being birds. I have one fairly large flower pot I’ve been holding for my bamboo next year. Maybe I’ll fill it with soil and compost and try some carrots in it. It’s small enough that I can cover it with chicken wire or screen. I know for fact there are critters that go foraging around my area.

    BTW, I just listened to a ‘rebroadcast’ of a podcast with Wildman.
    This is a ‘best of’ program, 2 1 hour episodes with Wildman first. The second hour is good too, someone from the Red Cross talking about prepping. The host’s audio breaks up some- he is near a tornado during the episode!

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