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Getting My Daikon

At the CSA this week, the guy behind me declined to take all of his three allotted daikon (radishes). He said he wasn’t crazy about them. I was aghast. Not that I knew what they tasted like but, with prices as they are (and since we all already paid at the beginning of the summer for our shares), I thought it’d be worth the effort to find a way to make them so you like them. Of course once I got home, I had to figure that way out. These pleasant radish family vegetables that look like overgrown white carrots were one of many slightly unusual pieces of produce I’ve gotten from my CSA. (Two huge fennel herbs – bulb, stalks, 16 inch leaves and all were the other slightly odd picks this past week). I realize they’re either encouraging us to stretch our culinary repertoire or they’re unloading the stuff they won’t at market. Either way, what to do with my daikon was a dilemma I could afford. One and a half ended up in a vegetable broth that I made (and did not toss the used veggies but put them in the freezer instead for future cooking), and the other one and a half got pickled with some Foodtown (org.) carrots. Maybe I’ll try my hand at banh mi next weekend. Until then, these add a lil splash of color to my kitchen. That’s good bc this was the first week w/out flowers from the CSA.


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