I’m an occasional gardener, living and digging in Brooklyn NY.  I revel in it, and it’s making me see the world a little differently.  So I’m starting from the ground up, building a community of folks looking for answers or just a little diversion. I’ve been composting and putting stuff in the ground for a few years now and couldn’t have done it any more haphazardly. Given the times we’re living in, I’m starting to approach things a bit more responsibly.  Here, I share my experience, ask questions and try to dig up some answers or at least encourage a conversation where the answers sprout up on their own.  Give me your dirtiest questions.  Anything’s game, from whether it’s ok to pee in my compost to how can I know that’s a potato bug and not a bedbug…what in the heck is a native plant and will I die if I eat it?  Do I have to talk to my neighbors?  What’s a community of gardeners all about?  The answers to this and much more is what I’m about these days.

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