Eating Cheap n Good

Making the most of the now mostly meager CSA offerings. Had to add some cabbage to the little bit of kale they had this week. Started with some sautéed onions & garlic (courtesy of Fiodtown), black mustard seeds, white wine, touch of soy sauce and honey, S & P, coupla apple slices (Garden of Eve/CSA) added at the end. Slowly sauteed. Voila.


When Winter Comes Early

Working on my doro wat for the week, recipe calls for a dried red chili. I think, “Well, I can do better than that with that mysterious green chili the Bangladeshi grocer told me is from the Dominican Republic.”. I went to my makeshift greenhouse (a/k/a my dining room), but it was not there. All I can say, dear little mystery chili, I so sawry!!!!


Shelter From The Storm

I got home from grocery shopping (yes, putting recently discussed prepper/shopping principles to work), just in time to see the product of my summer efforts getting trounced by new-fallen snow. And the jack o’lanterns are still freshly carved.

I still have on my running to-do list to transplant to bigger containers certain items. They’re all in my dining room now, snickering and taking in the unusual smells of my Saturday kitchen as I engage in another means of keeping the grocery bill lean, and buying a little evening time in the weeknights. I dedicate at least half the day to prepping the week’s meals, and am working on perfecting a couple recipes that can use seasonal produce to further reduce expense. I’ll be putting this week’s CSA stash to work in a goulash (that it sounded ghoully apropos this week), and a doro wat. Results to follow…