Comments Welcome: First Memory of Global Warming

In response to my last post, I received some wonderful comments about things other people have been observing and hearing about, including the very scary news about the invasion of hairy scary ants, some suggestions about how to become more self-sufficient and a recommendation we incorporate barter back into our economy, and a first-hand account of global warming at work as a friend watching glaciers calve away and a visit to the same spot 21 years later revealed nothing but a big slush puddle.

Susan Reiners, the person providing the eyewitness account of her first realization of the reality of global warming made me ask the same question of myself — when did it become a reality for me?  I went to a community college straight out of high school.  Around 1990, a woman came to speak who was an expert at the time on environmental issues.  She described how, in her own household, she and her family would separate their trash into recyclable lots.  There were other recommendations she had for how to combat the destruction of the environment, including driving less, walking/biking more, etc.  These other notions seemed more reasonable to me.  The thought that, as she suggested, one day everyone in America would be separating their garbage seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie to me.  Although I didn’t think that would happen, I remember her presenting sufficient evidence that the environment was being very seriously harmed.  Although I can’t say it was my first time being aware of the truth about global warming, it was the first time that I got that sinking feeling in my gut that is now so common . . . it’s the one I’ve been feeling more and more when I think about the damage that’s been done and is being done to the earth, and the frightening repercussions.  It’s the one I get when I think about the very real possibility of having to fight to find potable water in my old age.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling.

On that feel-good note, just wondering when was the first time you remember being aware of the reality of global warming?  Go ahead … gimme the dirt.