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Shelter From The Storm

I got home from grocery shopping (yes, putting recently discussed prepper/shopping principles to work), just in time to see the product of my summer efforts getting trounced by new-fallen snow. And the jack o’lanterns are still freshly carved.

I still have on my running to-do list to transplant to bigger containers certain items. They’re all in my dining room now, snickering and taking in the unusual smells of my Saturday kitchen as I engage in another means of keeping the grocery bill lean, and buying a little evening time in the weeknights. I dedicate at least half the day to prepping the week’s meals, and am working on perfecting a couple recipes that can use seasonal produce to further reduce expense. I’ll be putting this week’s CSA stash to work in a goulash (that it sounded ghoully apropos this week), and a doro wat. Results to follow…


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