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One response to “S(hell)ter from the Storm

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Before going away for a few days I thought about what to do about my plants. I added a small flower pot of oregano to the inside collection. I gave the outside containers a couple deep waterings and decided to let nature take it’s course. I thought about my bamboo, but decided it probably wouldn’t get down to 20 below zero in the next few days to kill it. Of cause I didn’t think it would snow either.

    The inside containers were in good condition when I came back. I doubt the cacti missed a couple days of water, and the basil was growing the flowers it produces before going to seed. The bananas held up pretty well except for some browned leaf edges.

    Tomorrow I’ll check on the yard. I can see one smaller branch snapped on one tree. Hopefully the containers with my salad herbs survived the snow. The basil is probably gone from the cold. Hopefully the bamboo didn’t snap.

    Although I pretty much gave up on the garden for the rest of this year I seem to have put more energy into maintaining the over wintering plants inside. Except for the bananas and cacti pretty much all the plants I have inside are herbs. Is anyone growing anything aside from herbs inside? What kind, and how do they do over the winter?

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