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Gardening Podcast Round Up – Starting with my Favorite

Yes, the only time I will write “Round Up” in this blog with any positive connotation at all. Well, to be honest, with you, not all of it positive…my apologies in advance for any harsh criticism…but I gotta give you all the dirt on this topic, and I’d be shortchanging you if I were anything but flat out, brutally honest. As always, this is all imho, and I do mean for it to be humble.

So, thanks especially to my fellow reveler Ralph, in the last couple weeks I’ve been listening avidly to various gardening podcasts. The jury’s still out on some of the others but I do think I’ve listened enough to find the one I like the most, so far at least.

My favorite, hands down, is the self-sufficient gardener, Jason Akers. He’s a guy in Kentucky (whose hardiness zone, for the most part, is the same as ours here in Brooklyn – find your own here). His podcasts vary in length but generally run about 30 minutes. He always starts with news and updates which, appropriately I think, tend to be particular to his own locality. The topics he covers range from the practical (see, e.g., peppers, strawberries, bluebirds, and composting) to the philosophical (e.g., Sun Tzu‘s The Art of War applied to gardening). Personally I think the practical ones are his strong suit but I appreciate the diversity in topics. In the ones I’ve listened to, he never comes across as arrogant or condescending, and, most importantly, really seems to get the revelry of gardening. Since I’ve been listening to so many of these, they’ve all started to run together so I have to apologize if I’m attributing something to him he didn’t say but he may have (seriously it seemed) referred to “the womenfolk” when discussing hunting and his wife preparing the food. It was weird and offensive and I’m hoping I’m wrong and he didn’t say it. He’s a young guy, at only 33 years old, but seems like he’s been gardening a long time and, again importantly, doesn’t take himself overly seriously. His website could be a little easier to navigate. The search function needs some improvement, but his podcasts make it worth the effort (and patience you need to find what you’re looking for).

Others that deserve a mention, and will get more coverage in the days ahead include the Growing Your Own Grub podcast. I’m not sure I’m getting the name right on this one (which is one of the things that keeps this from the #1 spot — I can’t tell by a quick look what the name of the blog is, who the host is, etc.) . This sounds like an older guy in Texas who tips his hat every so often to Akers, with who he agrees to disagree on several topics (e.g., raised bed vs. in ground gardening). We, the listeners, benefit when they disagree and get well-rounded coverage on the topic. Message to Akers & the GYOG guy: disagree more often — we learn from it. Another one that I’ve listened to but need more time with are Melinda Myers from my home state of Wisconsin, and Margaret Roach’s A Way to Garden. To the former, I need to listen more and get back to you. As for Margaret Roach, I’ve found a couple tidbits useful but it is presented more like a casual radio talk show, where you have to really listen to gather pointers than with some of the others that just give them to you straight-out and don’t so much bog you down with how they spend their days. I also am not getting some of the joy that I hear from other gardening blogs with Roach’s podcasts although, admittedly, I haven’t given them enough of a listen. When I do, I will definitely be updating this post.

In the meantime, let me pose this

QUESTION: do you have a favorite gardening podcast? What topics would you like to listen to covered on a podcast? Any least favorites? Go ahead … gimme the dirt!

4 responses to “Gardening Podcast Round Up – Starting with my Favorite

  1. Jason

    Thanks for the mention. I don’t remember saying womenfolk but if I did I hope it was to be taken in the correct context! I don’t think my wife would allow me to be sexist!


    • I am so sorry. It was my bad. The person who made the “women folk” comment is Jack Spirko of the survival podcast. I got it all confused one day when I was listening to several podcasts, including a very long but entertaining one by Spirko where he interviews Chef Maribel. I know it’s not in that episode that he made the w(t)f comment. She is a very tough chick and mean with a knife (in the best way of course).
      My apologies, Jason. And props to your wife. Equality is cool. Also, thanks for the always entertaining and informative podcasts. Would love to hear more about the work you’re doing with helping kids learn to garden. Good luck on your move, too, new job, and new digs (pun intended).

  2. Ralph ⋅

    You mentioned 2 podcasts I haven’t listened to, I’ll have to check out the ‘non-Roundup’ one. There are a couple other podcasts with good gardening tips, but since gardening is not their only topic you have to weed out (pardon the pun) those episodes. I agree with you about I look forward to new episodes and move them to the top of my listening list as they come out. I am almost caught up on the Growing Your Grub podcasts, a few more episodes and I’ll be caught up on those too.

  3. Ralph ⋅

    There are a couple podcasts on The Old Farmer’s Almanac website. There is a daily 1 minute ‘radio show’ they put out that had some pretty good stuff, but I had to stop listening when they started putting a 1 minute advertisement before each one minute show. For a while I did a ‘fast forward’ through the advertisements, and eventually just abandoned it. I listen to their other podcast which comes out about once per month. Maybe if anyone is more patient than me with the ads it’ll be worth a listen. These should be good links to the shows:

    BTW, I do subscribe to The Old Farmer’s Almanac and think it is a great book to have. At around $7 it’s more than worth it. It comes out once per year around October and is usually in book stores. There are one or two others out there, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is the one to get. Lots of good gardening info, astronomy info, weather forecasts, and lots more. If anyone hasn’t read it before, pick up the new issue when it comes out.

    Here’s a little known fact. Unless I have something planned for a specific date, I use their weather forecasts to pick out my vacation time at work.

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