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Eating Cheap n Good

Making the most of the now mostly meager CSA offerings. Had to add some cabbage to the little bit of kale they had this week. Started with some sautéed onions & garlic (courtesy of Fiodtown), black mustard seeds, white wine, touch of soy sauce and honey, S & P, coupla apple slices (Garden of Eve/CSA) added at the end. Slowly sauteed. Voila.


One response to “Eating Cheap n Good

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Eating cheap and good. That reminds me of stories my mother told us about when she was small. Money was in short supply so eating meat was a luxury. Pasta, beans, lentils and similar cheap foods was the normal meal. Now days we are re-discovering these ‘cheap’ foods are among the healthiest things you can eat.

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