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What I Do Right, Wrong and Delusionally

Three Things I’ve Learned I Can Live Without and The Earth Is Better For It:

– my car

– foreign fruit

– blood diamonds

Three Things My Descendants Will Just Have To Hate Me For:

– flushing too much

– my Post-its addiction

– my Kindle resistance

Three Things I Think I Do Right That Probably Just Fucks Things Up

– buying and using Foodtown reusable bags made of polpropylene


– blogging

One response to “What I Do Right, Wrong and Delusionally

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Right on about the car. If you can do without one (unfortunately I can’t) Earth thanks you, and your bank account thanks you. Lately, the $50 plus or minus fillups are a constant reminder. For those of us that do drive, there are some things to help. Check your tire pressure before you use the car (tires are cold). You have probably heard that a hundred times, but it does save gas. Don’t speed- another we’ve all heard but it really does save. One I never heard but it is a big saver, try to drive at a steady speed when safe and possible. Try filling a shopping cart in the store with some heavy stuff. Roll it at a steady speed and see how easy it is. Then roll it speeding up and slowing down. Much more energy is needed. Your car, will last longer and you’ll add an extra day or two between fillups driving steadily. At $4 a gallon savings add up fast. Think of the money saved as mad money and actually enjoy saving the planet 🙂

    Foreign fruit? Think of the cost in fuel getting that piece of fruit half way around the planet to the store- and the money going overseas to pay farmers to grow it. Buy local! It may cost a little more, but think of all the fuel and pollution you’re preventing while supporting a farmer right here in the USA. Better yet, try growing some of your own herbs and vegetables.

    Buying expensive laundry detergent? There are formulas using Borax, washing soda and some Ivory soap (I don’t recall the amounts of each) that are far cheaper, works as well, and aren’t dumping harsh chemicals down the drain. A search on the internet should find a few mixtures.

    Those plastic grocery bags filling up your cabinet and garbage pail? Double them up and use them for garbage bags. Tie off the top when they’re full and toss ’em. If you’re buying garbage bags for that small pail in the kitchen, use the plastic bag which you are now throwing out- for your garbage bag. I do keep a reusable shopping bag in the car, mostly for the occasional trip to Costco. A little more mad money 🙂

    Post It’s- well everyone has their weakness. I keep a few pages of ’em behind my pocket organizer for those times when paper just works better. There’s usually a few in my coat pocket and a few at various places around the house. Check out the prices for a large package at Staples or other office supplier. The hardest part is picking out what size to buy.

    I don’t have a Kindle and don’t think I will get one. I love my electronic gadgets, but when it comes to reading I think paper rules. Sure I download the occasional ‘E-book’ to my PC, but there’s just something about paper. Maybe that explains the Post-It thing. Sure there’s pollution made to manufacture that paper, but that Kindle isn’t made out of sugar and spice. Eventually the Kindle and it’s battery will be in a land fill, the paper can be composted or recycled.

    Back on theme about gardening. Check out this website:
    It’s a free site where people exchange their excess seeds for other seeds or for a small price. I believe some seeds are free. There are no companies involved, just person to person exchanges. Johnny Max started the site to help out people on limited budgets and to help gardeners in general. It’s worth checking out the site for that reason alone. If you’re interested in homesteading (even in a city), check out his other site at:
    Topics include gardening, raising bees and chickens, the economy, brewing your own beer, wine, and cider to mention a few. A new podcast comes out about once a week. I listen regularly.

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