On Deck

The strawberries in that delicious looking ice cream my partner just made are not from the Garden of Eve, the farm home of my CSA. But we’ll soon put them to work.20110608-060959.jpg t

Peach Tree Critters


Here’s a close up on the subject of my question below. This one was taken from up high, where it seems slugs would be unlikely to venture. I’m also not seeing any snails or slugs on the trunk or branches.  I picked up some PBR to lure them away, just in case.

Peach Tree


QUESTION: Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows what might be causing these little holes in the leaves of my peach tree? Would this be the work of snails, slugs, or some other little bug? I’ve already been treating the tree with a copper fungicide (not as frequently as the recommended five days but more like every 7-10 days for the last few weeks).  Should I continue?  Should I stop?  Should I do something else?