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2 responses to “I Know Who Poo’d – Part II

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Hopefully whoever is doing that is reading. You need to set up a camera in the window with a good view of the front and just let it record video. Once you capture the culprit on video let the fun begin. Maybe you should disinfect the whole area with uncut ammonia or bleach- you know, to kill all the germs. Let it dry there, don’t hose it away. Or accidentally drop a whole lot of very hot pepper all around the area. A dog’s sense of smell is thousands of times better than a human, use your imagination. I know that’s all aimed at the dog, but a dog has enough sense to avoid those things even if the animal at the other end of the leash doesn’t.

  2. Here’s some fecal cohesion; turning dog shit into bio fuel; a gardener’s dream, no?

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