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I Know Who Poo’d – Part III – the Final Act (?)

All bets are off.  All neighbors redeemed.  I caught someone photographing flowers in my front yard today.  It made me happy to make someone else so, and decided that is that, and to let all the rest go.  (although I will be taking Ralph up on some of his suggestions, echoed by my partner as well … no harm in dissuading future pooing, and thereby encourage harmony in the hood).

One response to “I Know Who Poo’d – Part III – the Final Act (?)

  1. Ralph ⋅

    This topic reminded me of one of the many times I wish I had a camera handy. A number of years back a shopping mall in Boulder Colorado had a number of displays in the middle of the walkway. One was a realistic full sized bear standing up on it’s hind legs, maybe 7 feet tall. It’s sign said “Winnie does pooh”. If you haven’t guessed, there was an equally realistic pile of pooh right behind Winnie. A true Kodak moment … missed.

    A good idea on ‘cleaning up’ anyway. Once one dog does it’s thing others are likely to follow.

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