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3 responses to “I See Where You’re Coming From

  1. Ralph ⋅


    A tag we can proudly put in our gardens. Made right here, in American soil. I just came in from the yard and made a pleasant discovery. I saw a ‘weed’ that looked kind of familiar. After a while I took a small container of wormwood down and put it next to the ‘weed’. ID confirmed! Here’s your boarding pass, have a nice flight. It was a match. As a final test (I knew what it was already), I took off a leaf and started chewing on it. Bitter as could be- no doubt what it was. One of the many failed attempts to grow it must have worked. I am leaving it right where it is for it’s bug repelling properties.

    I finally split one of the big shoots off my banana plant. It’s almost 2 inches in diameter and has quite a few leaves. I am pretty confident it will survive since I got it out with a fair amount of roots intact. The other shoot is a little larger, but I left it alone for now so I wouldn’t shock the main plant too much. Supposedly they grow small bananas after a few years. My niece who gave me the original plant will get one of the new plants. That leaves 3 plants, a fourth that needs to be split, and a small shoot which will become a fifth plant! They seem to do well indoors through the winter keeping them inside with some afternoon sun. I like them, but I can’t handle a plantation! As nice as they are, I will soon have more banana plants than I can handle. Once my niece picks one, I should start to see if I can find some eligible homes. I’ll try to post a picture or two.

  2. Ralph ⋅

    I couldn’t seem to get a picture of the proud family posted. Well, they looked a bit weary from the sun and their newest bundle of joy, but a happy family they are. I’ll keep everyone posted on their progress.

  3. Ralph ⋅

    One thing I’ve noticed with the bananas. It seems when they are well watered the leaves actually drip water. I seem to have heard some plants do that, but I need to find out what is really going on. Does it mean they are getting enough water, maybe too much water? I have noticed if I don’t water them as much they don’t drip. I am sure they are trying to tell me something, I just don’t know what. Anyone out there noticed anything similar, or know what it means?

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