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One response to “Crowded Carrots

  1. Ralph ⋅

    I’ve ‘looked’ at carrot seeds, in fact about hour ago in a seed catalog. I never tried growing them before. Do you plant yours in the fall so they grow in spring? I know there are 2 types ( I forgot the names), one is a shorter type which may be good for me with my rock and clay soil, and one that grows long. One type of carrot I marked off is an old variety with a purple outside and yellow/ orange inside. Supposedly the all orange carrot we know and love is a fairly modern variety. Do you know what variety of carrot you have? Do they produce well?

    I finally have some tomatoes making an appearance, my string beans (in container) are getting flowers and their vines are getting long. My strawberry plants (in container) are still doing their thing making appearances in salad most nights. My ‘giant’ cacti (not very large yet) are doing well outside in the sun. I think I may have been giving them too little water while I had them inside. They look nice and ‘plump’ now, even the 2 tiny ones are growing. I need to transplant a couple since there are three of them starting to touch needles inside their yogurt container. Time for a larger flat!

    I checked my broccoli leaves (what’s left of them) for those green worms and haven’t found any. I guess cutting off the leaf with them on it did the trick for now. I picked the last of my scallion seeds, am waiting for more basil seeds to dry out, and am trying to figure out where and how to get seeds from my escarole.

    I haven’t started my paper garden journal yet, so that was my online version of what’s going on in my little patch of dirt. How about you? Any garden successes, words of wisdom, failures? I am saving some of my failures for another post. Stay tuned for those, and the reason why I have old CDs hanging on strings from the trees in my yard.

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