I’m in Love

20110729-080730.jpgIn addition to being in love with my partner, it turns out I really like raising roses.  She’s a diva bush, no doubt.  More demanding than me.  And that’s saying a lot.  But, wow, she makes me smile in the morning when she’s gone and worked up a show.  Cheeky bushy.

Garden Podcast Update – Round Up Boots Out Melinda Myers

Hi folks, told you I would update my post on gardening podcast reviews. Unfortunately, I have to remove Melinda Myers from consideration because, although she has a very good website with great search capabilities and nice summaries of her podcasts, I fully disagree that any home gardener should use herbicides or pesticides such as Round Up. I am against their use generally but especially for the local home gardener who risks poisoning themselves and others with the use of these harmful chemicals, and who is upsetting – not assisting – the ecosystem by using them.