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2 responses to “And Still Growing

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Looking good! I like to watch the slow growing of new leaves as they unfurl. Each new one seems to be a little bigger than the ones before. An interesting idea about keeping other plants nearby. Mine have only had other bananas for company. I’ve heard of ‘microclimates’ where a group of plants can raise the humidity in a small area, and probably alter the temperature some, so there is some science behind your experiment. Check the entry from ‘the book of knowledge’

  2. Revel

    Wow, I never heard of that but how interesting! It makes perfect sense, too. I guess it’s not just the climate that can change around plants but also the quality of the air. I need to remember this, and start focusing a little more on what I have growing inside the house, especially as winter grows near. Fortunately, I have a couple skylights, so there is natural sunlight inside. What gets more challenging is floor space for plants (it is still Brooklyn). Maybe I should be thinking more vertically. Thanks for the link! (and the bananas!)

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