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Brother Banana

This one, from the same source as the one below, also has been happier inside. (Actually I brought them in a couple weeks ago but they’re still adjusting to their new surroundings — it takes time). I’m intentionally showing not the “best” side, so you can see that they are a little finicky but really quite responsive plants. They like it when I notice they need a little shifting. I’ve taken Ralph’s advice and I give them a quarter rotation every day or so to make sure each side is getting a turn at the window. I also have learned to make sure the leaves are not too close to a wall since they prefer to stretch.

You may notice I’m doing a little social/science experiment by putting one banana plant by itself (this one), while the other has a non-banana plant neighbor right next to it. Since I’ve been loosely studying the habits and behavior of neighbors in the front-yard-gardening context, I figured this study would be apropos (that, and it is Brooklyn – as much as the banana plant wants to stretch, the physical space here is not infinite).

I will let you know the results. And you – nag recent impromptu manipulations of the world to hear its response? Go ahead … gimme the dirt!


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