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CSA Today

Fresh and friendly. No tables due to some fortunate snafu. Seems lack of structure loosened strictures. I saw them tell one woman to take another bit of green beans and let one shopper with baby switch up the apples and plums even though the sign said one or the other. We’re getting there my fellow revelers! Could be close to end of season also means light at end of tunnel, and all the “volunteers” are realizing it wasn’t so bad after all (now that it’s almost over).

The haul, while getting slimmer in September, nonetheless is comprised of pretty healthy looking produce. Making collard greens for dinner tonight, along with roasted beets. Happy farming and feeding, all!


One response to “CSA Today

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Looks great. I went out back to pick the nice size string beans I left on the vine due to the rain. BIG MISTAKE. My fine feathered friends (?) must have had a feast. I suspected they were having an occasional snack since I noticed missing beans now and then, plus I’ve found pieces of the vine on the floor. This time it looked like the vines were trimmed some, and most of those nice beans are not to be found. Too late this year, but next year I may hang CDs in my containers too. I don’t mind sharing a little with nature but it crossed the line this time.

    I moved the containers to a different rail and put flower pots next to them so it wouldn’t be too easy for them to land. Hopefully they try eating some wormwood instead. That will put a bad taste in their mouth!

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