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It Was the Best of Times

It was the best of times.  It was the best of times.  Thank you so much to the fellow revelers who joined me today in the garden for some good eats, great company, and the best The Big BK Seed, Etc., Exchange ever!  The best thing about it, of course, was the company … but wait’ll you see my stash o’ loot!  I feel like a kid on Halloween night, buzzing with the warmth of friends, a belly full of nummy treats, and anticipating an evening sifting through the goodies!  Big thanks to everyone for making it so much fun, and getting out here despite the lack of cooperation of the MTA.  It reminded me of why I love gardeners.  Special thanks to Ralph for the banana plants and bringing seeds for all, to Mimi for the awesome bruschetta and heirloom tomato seeds and spreading the word, and to Aimee for the books, flower seeds, yummy beans and delicious figs!  And a big special thank you to my partner for warming the hearth (then cooling it with the best ice cream ever)!

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  1. meemsnyc

    It was so much fun, thanks so much for hosting! What a great time indeed!

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