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The salsa is good but the peppers are HOT HOT HOT!!!! The capsaicin (sp?) is stuck in my fingerprints and burning the hell outta them.  I can hardly type.  I looked up solutions online, found this: but so far (tried regular handwashing, dishsoap, lemon juice), no luck.  Any suggestions?  HELP!!!!!

3 responses to “AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

  1. Ralph Tzu

    I recently heard that the best thing if you eat something too ‘hot’ that milk cuts the pepper. It should do the same on your hands.

    • I did not try this but I have to say I love this idea and I would have had I read it in time. I basically ended up washing, washing, re-washing my hands, putting on lotion then washing them again. I put some lemon juice on them and I also just held onto a glass of ice water for awhile. Nothing really worked. If I’m dumb enough to go without gloves next time I’m slicing and dicing a hot pepper, I’m definitely going to dip them in milk afterward.

      Have you seen the notice for the seed exchange? It’s Sept. 17, 3-6 pm. Hope you’ll be there!!

  2. meemsnyc

    That same exact thing happened to me when I used a habanero in my pickles. Unfortunately I don’t have a good solution to fix this. I had to wash my hands like a dozen times and use lots and lots of soap.

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