Let’s Face It – Part II

A few days ago, I posted the following: More people are gardening because they think the world (as we know it) is going to end soon.

QUESTION: What do you think?  Go ahead … gimme the dirt.

And here’s some of the dirt…

Weighing in on FB:

Dwain Cromwell Not ending, but the world is changing. For the first time in my life, tomato plants are not producing in NW Arkansas because the temps don’t drop low enough at night for the buds to set. There are tomatoes at Farmers Market, but the vendors must have controlled set-ups. Back yard tomatoes just aren’t happening, no matter how much watering and care. It’s just so damned hot.


Crescent Dragonwagon ‎at Dwain Cromwell, this is SO sad. They say if climate change is not reversed, there will not be maply syruping in Vermont in 25 years.