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3 responses to “Helllllooooo Jalapeno

  1. red5ronc3

    What are you going to do with them? I’d make some hot sauce if I got my hands on those beautiful jalapenos.

  2. Ralph Tzu

    Nice peppers. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, how large are those pots? I tried peppers, they didn’t get too far- probably the sun. I still have some of the seeds so maybe I’ll give em another try. I cleared out a section of unproductive ground and about half of my wild space with the lawn mower. After some raking to get out what the mower missed I want to start some fall plants.

    I got my Drip Works irrigation catalog today and started going through it. I decided to start with containers watered off city water. The containers don’t use a whole lot of water plus they are the hardest hit if not watered regularly. I am sifting through the kits and pieces to put something together that will operate automatically. They offer a lot of options to see what they offer, lots of info, and a couple ‘how to’ videos.

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