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Maybe Not in Manhattan

But I’m wondering if this might work in some other locales?  Parisians spearheaded an effort to beautify the no parking poles, while greening the city at the same time.  Led by Paule Kingleur of Paris Label, the POTOGREEN project recruited the help of individuals in rehabilitation facilities and 600 Parisian schoolchildren to build and fill the containers with a variety of flowers and other plants.  The care of the greenery is left to local residents, making this a truly collaborative gardening adventure.

One response to “Maybe Not in Manhattan

  1. Ralph Tzu

    I’ve seen a few side streets in downtown Brooklyn where a few houses have put wooden half barrels and boxes near the curb with flowers in them. I suppose they ‘got away with it’ because of the bicycle lane on their side of the street and no car parking on their side either. People seem to be moving toward planting more. I see flower pots lining the side of some stairs, and flower boxes outside some windows too. It’s impossible to tell from ground level, but I would be curious how much is growing on roofs.

    I like the links showing what’s going on in Paris, but I have a feeling if we do that in NYC we would be taxed, fined, or have to put money in the parking meter. It would be nice to have boxes on the ground near poles with something edible like string beans growing up the pole.

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