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Remember how good movie theater popcorn used to be? Is it as nasty as it is now because I’m older and have lost my taste for it, because of the offensive faux butter they slather on it, or because of genetically modified corn? I got a few ears of corn in my CSA pick up on Wednesday, and grilled it last night. It was delicious but the kernels were tiny. I felt like I was eating someone’s baby.

QUESTION: Can they genetically modify corn to make it like it used to be?

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  1. Ralph ⋅

    Movie popcorn is now a horror show of unhealthy eating. I did see seeds for pop corn in a seed catalog, possibly Territorial Seed. I was tempted to get them but didn’t. Aside from what looks to be another failed year trying to grow a ‘three sisters’ garden, from what I’ve heard corn is not the greatest thing to grow in a small garden. It consumes lots of nutrients from the soil and doesn’t produce much corn per plant. If I get an edible ear this year I’ll see how it tastes. I will still continue growing some corn anyway.

    Last night I listened to the Growing Your Grub podcast, episode 35. It was a good episode check full of good info on tomatoes, compost, and a few other topics. Episode 36 which I haven’t listened to yet is on garden photography.

    Part of the problem with GMO food is the companies that produce it spent millions so that they wouldn’t have to mention that little fact on a label. Corn is among, if not the worse since almost all the commercial production is modified. Just another good reason to buy local or grow your own food.

    If anyone is interested in the state of our processed food and how unhealthy it is I can find an older podcast where the host condensed down a large Canadian study and gives a link to the full report. You may never want to eat cereal again, and think twice about milk too.

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