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6 responses to “Here Come the Cosmonauts

  1. Ralph Tzu

    I left a ripe tomato on the vine too long. I found it on the ground with a couple holes pecked into it. Apparently birds nearby were having pasta later that night.

    On the up side, string beans and small strawberries are growing back again. I think moving the containers for less sun exposure did them good. The bamboo now has 9 or 10 stems growing out of the new culm, up from 4 a couple days ago. I found what appears to be a large catnip plant in the wilds. After a positive ID I will try using some, but a bit more research is in order before that.

  2. bummer about the tomato. They are not as plentiful in my yard as they were last year, so I am doubly bummed if one of them gets splittage or suffers some other minor tragedy (for example, I set my two cosmonauts on a shelf to enjoy later and when later came one of them was looking a little soft/too red in spots so I ended up putting them atop a lentil/veggie casserole instead of enjoying them fresh).

    I’m thinking about focusing on wild plant identification next week when I return from WI. What are the steps you’re taking to make sure you’re getting the id right?

    Also, have you started your journal or is that for next year/season?

  3. Ralph ⋅

    For plant IDs, I start with Wildman’s Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants paper copy, and his Shoots and Greens of Early Spring as a color download. The milk thistle wasn’t in either, so I consulted my standby, Google. Google searches are great provided you narrow them down some.

    BTW, here’s the link to an old out of copyright book you may find interesting:

    Click to access cook.pdf

    It’s old, and before eating anything I would verify it’s information, but there’s lots of interesting stuff in it. It’s over 500 pages mostly about plants. Check out the section on water!

    I did print out 1 journal I found online. I jotted down a few things for next year, one being to level out my soil. I just heard a podcast where an herb spiral was mentioned (SSG I believe) and have to search out some pictures for ideas. I am thinking of a small raised bed in a shaded section of the yard next to a fence and under a tree. Still waiting on my irrigation catalog, thinking of something for my containers, and now thinking of the ground too. Pulling up some weeds it seems dry only a couple inches down. I am starting to agree with podcasts that a very slow long water will get moisture deeper down than the way I have been watering.

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