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One response to “Living Responsibly

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Summed up, waste less. Try not to let water just run down the drain. It isn’t mentioned often but supplies of drinkable water are rapidly dwindling. Trying to drive less, and drive for better economy. Try to be a little more aware of food I eat. The food thing may seem unrelated, but if people stop, or buy less garbage producers will start making healthier products. No more margarine for me, butter! I like the ingredients- “cream, salt, contains milk”- that’s it! Granted, the plastic margarine containers made a good small flower pot, but the cardboard butter container started my tomato plants just fine. Finally, grow some of your own food. From how far away did your food come? How many miles was it driven, shipped? How long was it refrigerated? Everything out of your garden eliminates some of that.

    Unplug some of those TVs and games you rarely use- most draw power even when turned off. If you have both, use a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Make use of timers for things like outside lights. Electric coffee pots, toasters, microwaves, and bread machines are big power users. Check your gas and electric bills for usage (and water bill). You can see your progress.

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