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Found online…”TEOTWAWKI” defined as The End Of The World As We Know It.  I don’t know if REM got proper attribution.  Anyway,, run by self-described former US Army Intelligence Officer and survivalist author, Jim Rawles, claims 32,260,087 (a number so big I had to insert the commas counting left to right!) since July 2005, and 260,000 unique hits every week.  REM only got 2,066,829 hits on Youtube for this video.

QUESTION:  Is it the end?  If so, as they say in Brooklyn, whaddaya gonna do about it?

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  1. Ralph ⋅

    TEOFTAWKI, or TSHTF (The Sh** Hits The Fan) as it’s known in some circles is a hot topic. I have, and do listen to a number of ‘survival’ or ‘prepper’ podcasts which have various predictions of our future. They vary from near total destruction from nuclear war to people having to adjust the way they live as times change. I think the most accurate and practical of all these type shows is which has been mentioned a few times here. While almost anything is possible, this show focuses on what is more likely to happen- job loss, economic issues, debt, and weather related problems. Food/ gardening is high on the list of things we need so gardening is a fairly frequent topic. Jack, the host of the show points out that people have car insurance, life/ health insurance, they carry a spare tire in their car, they insure their house, &c just in case something should happen. Then he puts up an interesting point. Every day of your life you drink water and eat. How long could you live off of only what you have in your house? It may sound far fetched to us, but it wasn’t to thousands of people stuck without power for weeks after an ice storm right here in the US. Until recently it probably sounded far fetched to people in Japan too.

    Grow your garden, store any excess. Buy a little extra food to store ‘for a rainy day’, keep some bottled water. Even government agencies are telling people to put together an emergency kit. It just makes sense, and there is nothing to loose.

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