That’s Great

It starts with an earthquake … eye of the hurricane …

Protect your plants.  Bring ’em indoors!  Hide your wife and children…this is the big one, Elizabeth!  Oh, wait.  What?  The sky is NOT falling?  Oh, okay.  Resume normal.  What’s that?  This IS normal … the new normal.


Found online…”TEOTWAWKI” defined as The End Of The World As We Know It.  I don’t know if REM got proper attribution.  Anyway,, run by self-described former US Army Intelligence Officer and survivalist author, Jim Rawles, claims 32,260,087 (a number so big I had to insert the commas counting left to right!) since July 2005, and 260,000 unique hits every week.  REM only got 2,066,829 hits on Youtube for this video.

QUESTION:  Is it the end?  If so, as they say in Brooklyn, whaddaya gonna do about it?