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Gardening Podcast Round Up Correction

Props to the self-sufficient gardener (Jason Akers) for the correction.  It was not he who proclaimed something or other about the “women folk.”  It was Jack Spirko, of the Survival Podcast.  As I noted in my round up (not to be confused with Round Up, which I roundly condemn), I’ve spent a bit of time recently listening to various gardening and garden-related podcasts.  I should have been more careful to take notes because they did start to run together for me.  Unfortunately, I ran the self-sufficient gardener headfirst into the survival podcast guy, and ended up mistakenly attributing a confounding phrase (“women folk”) to Akers when I think it was Spirko who said it.  It’s not that I could feign to be offended on behalf of women folk.  They can speak for themselves (they’re allowed, I think).  It just interrupted the flow of the podcast (why is this all sounding so womanly?).  It was weird when I heard it on the podcast, and I assumed the guy was joking, till I didn’t.  There was no drum roll, no punchline, and I just waited to see if he was going to say anything about the fact that he’d just said something about the women folk cleaning the game that the men had caught.  I mean, seriously?  Well, I guess so.  That or he just forgot the drum roll and dropped the punchline.  Anyway, maybe there are parts of the world that really are, as they say, not Brooklyn.  No harm, no foul.  Akers straightened me out (and pointed out that his wife would not allow him to be sexist – right on, wifey!).  And I realized that maybe Spirko was getting all the sexism out of his system before bringing the impressive Chef Maribel (who needs to work on her marketing — the site is just weird — tell us, please, more about the program to help feed the hungry and less about whose famous cousin you cooked for) onto the show to kick some girly butt…maybe Spirko’s?

2 responses to “Gardening Podcast Round Up Correction

  1. Ralph ⋅

    I’ve listened to TSP podcasts for a while, and at times he will say something that catches your attention, as in ‘did he just say that’ type of a way. You’ll hear him say an occasional ‘bad’ word, but nothing too bad. All in all, he just says what he thinks, and he does have some strong opinions. I am not sure why I associate ‘women folk’ with the south, so I did a search and came up with:

    Well, wherever the term originated at least now I know what it means. As for TSP, I like most of the topics covered there so I rarely miss an episode unless I really fall behind in my listening. There’s lots of good gardening info scattered about the podcasts, but if you scroll down and click the ‘Gardening’ tag it will pick out around 120 shows dealing with gardens.

  2. I do enjoy it too. Slight faux pas aside. It’s darn interesting. He’s got a good voice personality. Thanks for the tip on finding the gardening related podcasts; that is something that I’ve found frustrating about several other sites, as a I mentioned before. Keep the suggestions coming & thanks again. Revel on!

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