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Garden Podcast Update – Round Up Boots Out Melinda Myers

Hi folks, told you I would update my post on gardening podcast reviews. Unfortunately, I have to remove Melinda Myers from consideration because, although she has a very good website with great search capabilities and nice summaries of her podcasts, I fully disagree that any home gardener should use herbicides or pesticides such as Round Up. I am against their use generally but especially for the local home gardener who risks poisoning themselves and others with the use of these harmful chemicals, and who is upsetting – not assisting – the ecosystem by using them.

One response to “Garden Podcast Update – Round Up Boots Out Melinda Myers

  1. Ralph ⋅

    I fully agree about Roundup and the like. I’ve heard lots about that stuff and it’s not good. The same for ‘Roundup ready’ crops which are genetically modified not to be killed by Roundup. So, they spray the heck out of food crops to kill off the weeds &c, and the crops wind up… in the grocery store. Not to mention that Roundup is now helping create ‘super weeds’ which are not even killed by Roundup. Not to worry, Monsanto is no doubt working on more genetic modifications to our food and more effective (deadly) pesticides.

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