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Scrooge Has Lunch

Pret. Half-sandwich, chips, Yoga Bunny Detox. Calories, about 550 (estimating high); cost, $7.87. I picked out all these items and took them to the counter. The cashier handed me a plastic bag when I asked for one, and a receipt when I asked for one but I put the items in the bag, filled the bag with utensils etc (straw, salt/pepper) (napkins came pre-packed in the bag and were not set out for general consumption, a move I appreciate – shave the paper, save the earth). I gave the cashier the .13 cents of my change. Expecting a harumph, I was surprised when she instead complimented me on my pink plastic sunglasses ($3.00 Duane Reade, some time last summer). Since flattery will get you everywhere, including in my pants pocket, I will be back next time with a tip with her face on it (didn’t catch the name).


2 responses to “Scrooge Has Lunch

  1. Ralph ⋅

    I just received this link in an email. A couple mouse clicks can help feed someone:

  2. Ralph ⋅

    Scrooge, at least in all the movies (and cartoons) I’ve seen is reserved for someone who does not give anything, even when it is appropriate to give. The topic here is who to give to. I tend to give good tips to service people who come to do repairs around the house, or on the car. I suppose being in computer repairs I have an idea of what servicing entails and what you sometime have to put up with. I can’t speak for other areas of service, but it’s been quite a few years since anyone has given me or coworkers anything for the holidays. Used to be I would get a few bottles of liquor, some pretty expensive, from customers. Granted they stood around the house for years unopened, most being given away- but it felt nice to get them. Those unopened bottles said “Thanks for doing a good job, we appreciate it”. I suppose if you can, or do say that to someone they do deserve a tip.

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