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7 responses to “Baby Brandywines

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Although I grew a few tomato plants the past couple years I have no idea what type they are. Next year I will get a known variety or two. Speaking of planning for next year, I finally printed one of those online garden journals. Some of it didn’t apply to me, but it had some good page layouts in it too. Little by little I have to start filling it out, and will no doubt add a few pages of my own design as I go along. There’s a page to fill out information about your soil, so maybe now I’ll have a little incentive to put my Ph test stuff to work. I may finally have a reason to buy my first clip board too.

    • I have an extra clipboard if you need one! I have definitely become (re)convinced of the necessity of keeping a journal if you want to be a good gardener. I think there should definitely be a place for notes because, while I don’t usually forget things that I’ve learned from trial and (lots of) error, there are little tidbits I’ve picked up along the way that I forget and then remember when I hear them again.

      Regarding the Ph test … what kind did you get, how much was it (if you remember), and have you used it yet? I’ve used my only once but I can use it about nine more times before I have to get another one. I may do a double blind test, and compare the results from two different commercial products, then compare that to sending it away, since I have heard from some people that the OTC tests are bs. I wanna test that theory.

      Happy gardening!

  2. Ralph ⋅

    On the subject of babies, the last baby banana is resting comfortably in it’s new flower pot. The mother, sporting a svelte look is surrounded by it’s little ones. As for me, I am retiring my surgical tool (pocket knife) and root divider (resident yard screw driver) for a while. Until the little one grows more roots to support it’s size I will keep a careful eye on it’s progress. The family will be kept moist and in an air conditioned environment. For a while at least, these will not be ‘green’ bananas 🙂

    • Are you still looking for a home for one of the babies? If so, I’m still interested. Let me know if mid-August is too late for an exchange…I was thinking you could check out the garden and take a plant home with you. I also am still planning on doing a late summer/early fall harvest brunch for all who have contributed comments, feedback, etc. over the summer. It will consist both of garden goodies and the wild edibles I know well enough to share with others.

  3. Ralph ⋅

    The ph tester I bought from a chemical supply house. It had nothing to do with the garden originally. I was cleaning up rust and corrosion on metals and needed a way to get my solutions to the proper strength. It consists of a bottle of liquid and a color chart. I did a little reading on soil testing and it seems you need dry soil for the liquid test. My soil is still wet from watering. I have the distilled water to re-wet the soil. It may take a couple days to dry out my soil samples before I can do a test. The internet made it sound like not all the tests out there are reliable. My experience with the liquid test is that it too can be misleading when judging the color against the chart. I finally resorted to using a white cloth behind the liquid and that worked. I knew something was wrong when distilled water did not come up neutral. I haven’t checked, but there are places you can send your soil to and have various tests done for ph and nutrients.

    No problem on holding the bananas. They will probably be in better condition to adapt with some time to develop more roots. A nice idea on a get together with contributors &c. Maybe we can exchange some seeds and/ or plants too.

  4. meemsnyc

    I’m growing brandywines this year too. They are getting really large, and I can’t wait to try them!

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