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2 responses to “Is It Springing?

  1. Ralph ⋅

    My garden is still covered in leaves and there’s not much of anything to be seen yet. The bamboo seems to be holding it’s own in it’s new home in spite of being battered by wind, rain, and snow. Surprisingly the couple wormwood plants in the ground although bent over still have green leaves. I guess it’s pretty tough stuff. The one I have at work no longer fits on the shelf so now it’s on a desktop to give it more room to grow. I don’t recall it being described as invasive, but it does seem to be hearty.
    Aside from that, there’s not much garden activity outside. Inside, things are doing OK. The red ti plants are growing nicely. I started a few new scallions from store bought organic ones to replace the ones that finally died. I’ll try a few scallion seeds I saved in the same small pot. The bananas have been though cycles, I think the warm dry air from a nearby vent is the issue. The cacti are on a window sill and doing well, as is the one I brought into work. Things are just coasting along until the weather warms up

  2. Ralph ⋅

    At last check there are patches of green popping up from the layer of leaves still covering the ground. I’ll have to take a picture of one plant I recognize after a few years of it’s growing wild. So far I don’t know what it is, maybe someone can identify it. Aside from a handful of indoor potted plants not much is going on in the garden yet.

    Anyone who has grown plants for any length of time knows things don’t always grow as planned. Too hot, dry, cold or wet and chances are something will grow worse (or better) than expected. Every year brings new challenges in the garden, but there are some challenges that should never be allowed to occur. See

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