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Thanks MTA


This billboard appears at the top of the stairs on the F line at Church Ave. for all the boys and girls to see before they go to school, when they go home early, when their grandma picks them up at the end of the day. The stop is at the corner of Albemarle & McDonald, in front of PS 230. I have complained by calling 311 about other explicit ads here before but was told it’s a private co., not the MTA that selects what advertisements are placed here. Let me point out this is an advertisement FOR A VIDEO GAME! Please don’t tell me that this particular ad displaying nearly-naked slutty-chick schoolgirls half-humping the legs of a thug-gy lookin’ grown dude with a cigar hangin out his mouth appearing at the corner entrance to a GRADE SCHOOL is coinkidink.

QUESTION: what’s a pissed off parent to do when society blames parents for their kids lacking respect and growing up misogynist when kids are subjected, against our will, to this blatant sexploitative pandering? Why is it up to parents limit their kids’ exposure to negative messages from media viewed at home only to walk out the door and get bombarded with this kind of crap? Why won’t the MTA do something about this? Or the school across the street? Or Something? Someone? Anyone? Out there????

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  1. Fab Freddy ⋅

    My suggestion is to copy the pic and your post and send it to every single legislator in the area. Then, if you want to get really wild, pay for some ad space in the local newspaper and post it there too along with our comments. I believe the FCC only regulates decency in broadcasts but at minimum wouldn’t the mayor of New York have a vested interest in decency? It’s not that the picture is blatantly offensive by way of partial nudity. It’s the message it sends so I am with you. That said, you have an uphill battle as the message is the tougher part to restrict (versus the overt pic). Methinks youo may need another blog on “fight the power” to discuss these types of issues….much love and hugs. Adieu.

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