The Best Food in Town Is at the Swap

Well, it was.  Now it’s in my kitchen, and Aimee‘s kitchen, and Scott‘s kitchen, and ….

Yes, my first visit to the BK Food Swap did not disappoint.  My partner and I brought brown sugar whiskey vanilla ice cream and butter cream cupcakes (one set with orange zest icing and begonia petals, the other with chocolate chips, with a chocolate chunk & Kahlua cream frosting).  Oohs and Aaahs were overheard in every inch of the room.  Unbridled yumminess the whole night long.  Brooklyn has some amazingly talented foodcrafters, by the way.  I’m also looking forward to perusing the various blogs and sites noted on hand-made tags and labels that came with the various goodies. My stash is quickly dwindling but before it goes, goes, gones, here are some pics from the night…

I’m Gonna Eat My Houseplants!

Yay!  Happy Friday to me!  I just got the good (Googled) news that Begonias are edible.  This, my revel friends, I did not know.  I got them this summer just because they were pretty, seemed sturdy, and added a pop of color to my garden.  Not gonna tell you what I’m going to do with this exciting news, but it’s gonna be yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmy!  thank you, God (& Shannon’s on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.), for begonias…

and check out this blog, titled Eat the Weeds and other things too…I like!

And you, now that we’re getting close to being home-bound, and you find yourself inspecting house plants and other items, are you encountering any surprise edibility?  Go ahead … gimme the dirt (just don’t make me eat it, I think)….