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Sometimes It Snows in April

But I still can’t believe I’m seeing snow and ice outside. The buds on my peach tree had just begun to bloom. I want to go out there, dark and cold as it is right now, and wrap myself around her like a big warm late spring blanket like it should be. *sigh* glad the only planting I’ve gotten around to are four egg cartons with various herb, tomato, and flower seeds.

How about all of you? I hope no one suffers any setback from this late temperature drop – not sure if it’s enough to really count as a frost.

Go ahead … gimme the dirt.

3 responses to “Sometimes It Snows in April

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Last night while ‘p)aying’ with a new radio I tuned to the NOAA weather channel (162.55MHz here in NYC) and heard a warning about low temps and potential crop damage. It seemed odd since it was 70 degrees that afternoon. But, a little before midnight someone at work called me to say it was snowing. Luckily most of my pots except for a box of newly planted seeds were inside. Luckily none of the ceramic pots with no drain holes that had filled up with water broke.All are now in the sun warming up.
    So, one more good reason to have a NOAA weather radio. I knew they gave forecasts and storm warnings, but now I know it can help in the garden too. If anyone is thinking of getting a NOAA radio do a little research first. Some will remain quiet until there is a warning which is nice since it can be left on 7×24 without being annoying. Battery operation can be a plus in case of power loss during a storm. Check out for some recommendations and prices with links to Amazon.
    BTW, the diary app has been working pretty well as a garden journal.

  2. Ralph ⋅

    Some of my green/ string beans are starting to grow, so far only the Malibu. I guess they survived the cold and hopefully the herbs did too. I planted some of the cactus seeds I ordered keeping them inside until it warms up more. They can take a few months to get started according to the directions and need light to germinate. We’ll see how they work out.

  3. Ralph ⋅

    Nowthat I’ve begun planting I tend to monitor the weather closer.Seedlings and plants reviving from winter need a little attention. My newly growing cactus from seeds goes from out to inside depending on weather. Until they mature they need some extra attention. The 2 new bamboo culms are already taller than previous ones, so far about a foot taller than last year’s growth. I just planted some red clover in the bamboo box. From what I’ve read bamboo likes nitrogen- and red clover fixes nitrogen from the air to soil. I’ll see how that works out. A little experimenting in the garden can be a good thing.

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