Believe You, Me, Macy’s?

Macy’s said it was a magical garden they’d erected behind the glass wall that separates the corporate fiefdom from the peasantry passing by. The same glass operates as a kind of carefully constructed capitalist sticky fly tape to catch the multitude of tourists snapping their pics and clutching their bags of conspicuous consumerism.

I was on my way to a meeting when I saw the bountiful blooms. I read the description that described these as magical gardens and suggesting one wait and watch to see if they might catch some plants swaying on their own. I waited a moment and didn’t see it so I figured these were displays still under construction and eventually there’d be some high tech gadgetry designed to enhance an already sufficiently impressive landscape.

So I snapped a shot and moved on. What I saw when I looked at it later surprised me. I don’t know if this odd fellow – whom I didn’t see at the time – appearing to peer out from the blooms is a reflection of a person on the street or some carefully planted Macy’s “magic.”