Yesterday’s Statistics Today

Happened to come across these yesterday, and they stood out to me, so I thought I’d share them here.  I’m a little late, up a little late, and so yesterday’s statistics, it turns out, are today’s:

– In 1964, just 4% of footwear in the United States was imported.  Today, 98% is.

And, in unrelated stats….

– North America sends 106 billion pounds of organic waste to landfill each year; that’s the equivalent of 200,000 garbage trucks creating 37 billion pounds of greenhouse gases each.

– As of July 1, 2015, NYC will require hotels with 100 or more sleeping rooms and large-service businesses such as arenas, caterers, and food wholesalers to dispose of food waste through composting or another means that keeps this organic matter out of landfills.

Rock on, NYC.  What do you think — will it be enough, or too little too late?  Go ahead, gimme the dirt!