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One response to “First Sighting

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Another app, Garden Guide looks worth looking into. More of an e-book, it’s the story of someone’s first journey into starting up a garden. It passes on a lot of good information too.
    Another app I’ve been using for some time is Orweb. This app helps keep you anonymous online- and it seems to work. Amazon comments that I am connecting from a strange connection & asks for additional info before letting me log into my account. Samsung’s site brought me to their Dutch language version of their site, and yet another showed me what it thought was my IP address. Does anyone still think internet activity is private?
    In front of the building I work in there are leaves coming out- probably bulbs from last year. No flowers yet, but they’re probably not far away. I’ve noticed my bamboo has been trying to spread. There are a number of places the roots came up out of the soil & looped back into it. I have a funny feeling it has already outgrown it’s box.

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