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3 responses to “Look Up

  1. Steve

    phew! no sea gulls and their droppings
    are probably good luck in some corners of the world.

  2. Ralph ⋅

    The rows of pearless pear trees by me are all blooming, as are the couple in my yard. I mowed the yard to cut the patches of grass that grew and mulch all the leaves I left on the ground from last year. My wild violets are back, small blue flowers all over the place.

    For the first time I put most of my over-wintered flower pots out back in the sun to start getting them hardened off. A good sign is the large bees I see hovering outside near the windows, and occasionally banging into them. Growing season is here, and my strawberries which have been outside for a couple years winter and all are growing again. A few containered scallions, also outside all winter look healthy enough to eat- which I may do soon.

  3. Ralph ⋅

    About a week ago I went into the yard at night and almost walked into a bamboo culm. My bamboo planter is in the walkway so you have to get a little close to it, but I didn’t remember anything sticking out like that, or being that tall. In daylight it was obviously a new growth, taller and larger in diameter than all the rest. Every day or two since it has grown noticeably and is nearly up to my deck rails. Today I saw another new culm growing, I guess it’s growing season for bamboo too, and it is enjoying the space in it’s new home. I’ll have to start measuring it’s growth out of curiosity. When indoors it grew up to 9 inches per day and gradually slowed down. I think the first culm is slowing down, but the second is probably at it’s peak.

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