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My California Gold

Guess what I brought back from CA? My cousin, Diane, who looks as great at 50 something as she did in pics from her 20s, has turned me on to kefir. Starting my first batch brewing now…





As her instructions note, the grains will behave differently in a new environment. To give them a kick start, I used bottled mineral water (2 c.), deleted 4 T. of white sugar and 1 T. molasses in it. Added a touch of fleur de sel for more minerality to aid the kefir’s processing of the sugars. I put that in a container, covered it with cheesecloth and will check in on it this time tomorrow.

Hello, kefir adventure!

Fellow revelers, anyone else into this stuff? Why/why not? How do you take yours? Any tips to trade? Go ahead… Gimme the dirt!

3 responses to “My California Gold

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Actually I never heard of Kefir before. A couple quick internet searches later I had a general idea. The process of making it sounds similar to sour dough but more liquid. What does it taste like? Is it a tart acid like taste or is there some sweet taste when it is done? It was probably a good idea not using tap water, the chlorine and fluoride are probably not good for the little buggers making the stuff. What is the starter like, can it be dried and stored for later use like sour dough? I really need to look into this more, I still know next to nothing about it.

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  3. diane ⋅

    I Like your blog! So it has been a few days and I’m dying to know how your kefir turned out. I noticed you had less H2O than the usual since the usual ratio formula is 1 cup H20 to 1 T of sugar to 1 T kefir grains…. Since I have been able to give away grains lately, I have now been adding 1/8 t of baking soda to my Kefir making and I have been getting double kefir growth after 3 days! I think I will continue to do so since I can always add the grains to my green smoothies or feed them to my dogs or plants! Can’t wait to hear how your babies are doing!!!

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