My California Gold

Guess what I brought back from CA? My cousin, Diane, who looks as great at 50 something as she did in pics from her 20s, has turned me on to kefir. Starting my first batch brewing now…





As her instructions note, the grains will behave differently in a new environment. To give them a kick start, I used bottled mineral water (2 c.), deleted 4 T. of white sugar and 1 T. molasses in it. Added a touch of fleur de sel for more minerality to aid the kefir’s processing of the sugars. I put that in a container, covered it with cheesecloth and will check in on it this time tomorrow.

Hello, kefir adventure!

Fellow revelers, anyone else into this stuff? Why/why not? How do you take yours? Any tips to trade? Go ahead… Gimme the dirt!