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Hearing the Cicadas

I thought they were done for the year but they’re back, mysteriously triggered by an invisible conductor comandante. I’m inspired to initiate a world wide wave like in the bleachers at football games. Do the people in box seats and with special press passes participate? If they do, does it count? Does it matter? If I were at my Wall Street job and not here working from home today, and tried to start a world wide wave, would security escort me out? And would those celebrating the Occupy anniversary embrace or eschew me? Or eat me alive?

QUESTION: if we all have the same idea at once, or in simultaneity, or in consequentiality, and each stand up to conduct a world wide wave but we’re each in our hovel box homes, or ivoried castles, does it make a movement?

Go ahead … gimme the dirt!

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  1. Ralph ⋅

    Although I haven’t actually seen it, I read that they’ve been spraying insecticide (?) to help kill off mosquitoes due to West Nile virus which has been in our area for a while now. The first time they sprayed a few years back there was previous warning in the newspaper in case you wanted to stay indoors and/ or close your windows while the spraying was being done. I took a few pictures of the helicopters in action last time. No warnings or schedules were given this year as far as I know, even though the newspaper said spraying has been done.

    I have heard that an alternative to mosquito poison was developed, but I don’t know what they were spraying this time around. The new ‘stuff’ does something to upset the mosquito’s life cycle rather than poison them. I have occasionally heard helicopters in my area but haven’t been able to spot one to see if it had sprayers on it. My primary concern with spraying is that the patches of wooded areas near my house is a target for spraying., and all my plants are exposed- not to mention me! There have been a few times where the night was eerily free of the usual cricket chatter, but a few nights later things sounded back to normal. It may have been coincidence, or maybe there was a spraying which upset them for a couple days.

    This is a difficult situation. People have died and many more have been sick from West Nile virus. I suppose the reasoning is control the mosquitoes as soon as possible with some hopefully not too toxic to human chemicals. To spray, or not to spray- that is the question.

  2. it’s believed or more likely been witnessed that a shaman mc-ing an ayahuasca ceremony experiences visions that are literally seen by those participating. it is a form of telepathy in that all his thoughts are actually seen through the vision like a 4-dimensional slide show pulsating.
    the vision has purpose…to know the earth…where to plant, what weather is coming, how the mountain is feeling, etc…
    i think your vision of waves is an excellent idea and a distinct possibility. it’s the world and its gravity and chores that seem to get in the way….but at the risk of being rosy eyed, i think we’re heading towards a place we could have never imagined. actually, it’s usually like that. we never imagined space travel and here we are. i pledge allegiance to the visionaries and see flags as only interesting streamers or bike decorations.

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