The Perils of Overgardening, Part II: How Much is Too Much?

Looking out on my garden now, with the 20/20 vision that is time, I am glad that I went a little nuts and put in all those tomato plants, and the eggplant, and the carrots, and the purple bell peppers, and the cucumber, and the watermelon (even though it didn’t grow, which might be a blessing), and the marigolds to protect the tomatoes, and the basil to keep the marigolds company, and the sage, and the rosemary, and the chives, and the oregano, and the thyme, and the borage (thanks Ralph!), and the parsley, and the many thai basil peppers (thanks Aimee!), and the… I know there’s something I’m forgetting but whatever it is, I’m glad I found room for it too.  Based on my experiences this season and last year, both of which had moments where I had my head in my hands and was asking myself why I did all that and was feeling like I couldn’t keep up with it all, I am glad that I did it.  I would rather be looking back, saying “I’m glad I did that,” than saying, “I probably could have done more.”  Because I am absolutely, 120%, unquestionably certain that I could have done more but not without growing just as absolutely, 120%, unquestionably absolutely insane.