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2 responses to “The Secret Life of Plant (Shadows)

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Nice night pix, keep them coming!
    Every once in a while do a ‘slideshow’ of your pictures and remove ones that don’t ‘jump out at you’, Before long you will have a portfolio of sorts. I like using a slideshow to pic pix because it only gives you a few seconds

  2. Ralph ⋅

    to decide rather than looking for all the ‘technical’ stuff. Next step of cause comes from Seinfeld- the series. You have to make a coffee table book- except yours will be shaped like a box camera on a short tripod. Print out your pictures in square format a la Hasselblad and you should have it.

    One picture I like came out of a mistake. It was an indoor performance so I turned the flash off. I didn’t check the settings and found out too late the camera was set to manual. The shot came out reddish from the spot lights which I actually liked, and the whole thing was blurred some. I liked the effect, but technically it’s probably pretty bad, and to someone else who may like it- I spent hours trying to perfect the technique.

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