I Lost My Spliff

Now that I have your attention,* I wanted to see if all of us revelers could take a little pledge.  This weekend, please do not buy anything not made in the U.S.A.  While you don’t have to buy American to be American, it does make you a better American.  And it makes me and your neighbors better off as well, financially and ecologically.  I don’t have to recount all the reasons to avoid goods made in other parts of the world (which may and often include a bigger carbon footprint, poor quality and cheap parts, lack of rigorous standards, excessive and harmful chemicals, poor working conditions without fair wages, use of child labor, etc. etc.).  Let’s keep the spirit of Memorial Day alive by honoring those who have sacrificed to fight our wars and protect U.S. interests abroad by doing our part to improve the U.S. economy and send the message that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.  An item made in the U.S. may be a few cents, or more, greater than a cheaper item made elsewhere.  Consider the cost, though, if we fail to consume responsibly and patriotically.

Love your world neighbors but patronize your local ones.

*Based on what WordPress tells me, the greatest number of hits to this site came when I posted “Still on the Weed.”  Let’s see if we can beat that.  Don’t bogart this post.  Pass the dutchie.

Pass it on.