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2 responses to “Thank You Nature Conservancy

  1. Ralph ⋅

    That will be a handy garden accessory. I leave things outside because it’s a pain taking things in and out, and one consequence is rusted tools. It’s nice to get something useful. I recently got a nice pocket knife for a donation, but I don’t carry it. It’s within the legal NYC 4 inch blade limit, is in no way a switch blade and has no quick open lever which is also illegal. Amazingly, the fact that the blade locks open as a safety feature so it won’t close in use and cut you makes it illegal! Too bad, it’s a nice little knife.

    • Revel

      That is too bad. There are a lot of confounding laws out there. As for rusty garden tools, it’s the bane of my gardening existence. I agree it’s a “drag” to have to lug things back and forth. I’m actually considering building a little shed or tool box in the backyard at the edge of the deck to alleviate the problem. Space is tight in the rest of the house, so this could clear a bit of clutter. It’s a big commitment though (the design, construction, and having a semi-permanent structure taking up potential growing space), so it’s still only under consideration. Thoughts?

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