Film Recommendation: Collapse

The following recommendation is from my friend and fellow reveler, Susan.  Since it’s her recommendation, I no doubt will be checking out the film as soon as possible.  If any of you have seen it or see it, your feedback’s invited.  Thanks Susan!

“This is a film recommendation for “Collapse”, an interview with Mike Ruppert, a former LAPD cop, investigative journalist, publisher, and thinker.  He has vital things to say about our world, some of which, like “peak oil”, are not exactly household terms.  It is not a light film, but there are issues here all of us ought to think about.  He connects the dots in ways that I haven’t seen before.  And although these are huge concepts, he explains them in ways that make them understandable for most of us.

“Ruppert shows how energy depletion is causing the collapse of the economic system that supports the entire industrialized world.  He doesn’t blame any of it on individuals of any political persuasion, followers of any religion or “-ism”, creed, or greed.  Although we all have our pet issues, he goes beyond them all and pares things down to what he sees as inevitable effects. He has no panaceas to offer, and he explains what won’t help, and why.

“I have to admit that in the first few minutes, I found Ruppert irritatingly full of himself and more than slightly  paranoid.  Of course, that could also describe some of us.  But the things he has to say are so basic and important, I’m glad I watched the whole film.  It lasts about 80 minutes. And I believe that if we understand the underlying causes, we will be able to better think about how to survive them, perhaps even cure them.

“For those of you on Netflix instant view, this film is downloadable until June 1.  I can’t wish that you enjoy “Collapse”, but I hope you watch it anyway.”