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2 responses to “Green Swag

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Looks like it might be a good size for a small ‘get home bag’. A while back I started looking at various back packs and bags. I was amazed at the variety out there. It actually took me quite a while to decide on one, and luckily a podcast I listen to did some video reviews on packs to narrow things down. I followed up my pack with 2 small cases which could fit in a large pocket or be hung from a belt or back pack. The larger of the 2 small cases has small tools, and with lots of shuffling it now holds quite a bit. All the loops and pockets keep things organized and in place, but I can see the wisdom of just having a couple large open pockets. Like so many things even pouches and back packs can get pretty purpose specialized. If anyone is looking at buying a back pack or pouch check out a company called Maxpedition. Their stuff is not cheap, but it’s very well made.

    • Revel

      I’ve found I’ve been using it as an everyday bag to carry around. I still haven’t gotten into the swing of Kindle, so I am usually carrying some reading material with me. It’s just the right size to make sure I don’t try to carry too much. Quite a nice little present from The Nature Conservancy. I see that they’re still running the special. Although I wanted to just tell them to use every bit of my 15 bucks to making the world a better place, I thought my own little world might be a little better with that bag for subway-riding and/or as a “get home bag.” I was right. (Although I know I still need to prepare a dedicated one for the ‘get home’ purpose). Did you end up going with a Maxpedition for yours? Can you post pics? (Or email me at, and I’ll post it). Thanks!

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